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Identity Services should be like Vitamins, not Crack

OK, so it’s a ridiculous title. But hear me out. Matt Flynn brought to my attention an article in which Dale Olds talks about the need for hosters (companies that provide the platform on which you deploy your Cloud/SaaS applications) to provide identity services (and as Matt points out, security services in general) as part

Podcast on Identity Management for Cloud Computing

As part of Oracle’s Identity Management Think Tank Podcast Series, I recorded a podcast on “Identity Management for Cloud Computing” with our Chief Identity Architect Vadim Lander. You can listen to it by clicking here. In the podcast, we cover What are the key security concerns about cloud computing How security requirements vary between Private

The ‘x’ in xAuth stands for…

…xhausting! OK! So being at a conference (Cloud Computing Expo in NYC, where Oracle is making big waves with announcements in the PaaS space) where I had no wi-fi or power meant that I was trying to follow the big xAuth announcement via Twitter on my iPhone over 3G – note exactly the easiest thing.

SPML Under The Spotlight Again?

Mark Diodati of the Burton Group (that’s still how I should be referring to them, right?) wrote a post entitled “SPML Is On Life Support“. It is a great read, as it captures all the issues that have been plaguing SPML for years now. And the simple fact is that SPML simply has not lived

Screencast of my OpenWorld Session on “IdM and the Cloud”

On Monday, I presented at Oracle OpenWorld on the topic of “Identity Management and the Cloud: Stormy Days Ahead?“. The title proved to be a little too prescient, because the weather in San Francisco was pretty nasty. And as you can imagine, the number of jokes made about this became all to predictable. Unfortunate coincidences

I’ll be talking at OpenWorld on IdM and the Cloud

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, I’ll be speaking at Oracle OpenWorld on the topic “Identity Management and the Cloud: Stormy Days Ahead?“.This year, I got a slot that is at a far more reasonable hour. In fact, it is after the morning keynotes on Monday, and before the general sessions

Identity Services & the Cloud [Podcast now available]

My webinar with KuppingerCole on the topic “Identity Services and the Cloud: What Every Enterprise Should Know” went pretty well yesterday. KuppingerCole has made the recording available for viewing, which you can download here (you have to register for a free account; trust me, its worth it). Or you can just check out the deck

Webinar – Identity Services and the Cloud

I’m doing a webinar with KuppingerCole on the topic of “Identity Services and the Cloud: What Every Enterprise Needs To Know” today at 11 am EST. Cloud security is widely viewed as the number one roadblock for enterprise adoption. At the same time, many are jumping into cloud computing without fully understanding what they are

IdM and the Cloud: A Chance To Do Things Right

Over 2 months ago (wow, time really flies when you are trying to keep up with the Twitter firehose), I wrote an introductory post to a topic that I am beginning to examine in some detail – the impact Cloud Computing will have on Identity Management. Back in May, I tweeted that I believe cloud

Burton Catalyst 2009: Waiting for the World to Change

In my last post, I talked about the SIG meetings that I attended prior to the conference actually starting. There was lots of good content and discussion, which continued on into the actual sessions. I had thought of splitting my time between the Identity and Cloud Computing (new to Catalyst this year) tracks. But the